Want a Second Opinion?

If you have already seen a primary care dentist or different orthodontist for your initial consultation for orthodontics, you still have the option to visit Alpha Orthodontics for a second opinion. Dr. Leonard will be happy to review your situation and make a recommendation for an effective treatment plan to give you a great healthy smile. The best part is that the Alpha Orthodontics examination is completely complimentary with no obligation!

You Are Unsure About The Recommendation From Another Orthodontist

If you have received a recommendation from another orthodontist and it simply does not seem to fit your expectations, Alpha Orthodontics is glad to provide a second opinion at no cost to you. We understand that there are often more than one treatment options that are available to you. The team at Alpha Orthodontics believes that it is important to build trust with our patients and recommend a type of treatment that fits our patients’ lifestyle and budget, as well as your orthodontic treatment needs.

Is A Second Opinion Actually Complimentary? Will I Be Charged Extra For Certain Diagnostics Such As X-Rays?

The Alpha Orthodontics examination is completely complimentary. It includes the examination and any needed 3D CBCT digital radiographs at no cost to you.

To schedule your 100% no-obligation, complimentary Alpha Orthodontics examination for yourself or your child, Choose from one of our 3 convenient locations in Mason CityBlue Earth or Albert Lea.