Your Child Has Been Referred

You Don’t Know Why Your Very Young Child Has Been Referred To An Orthodontist

Your primary care dentist has the best interest of your child in mind when they make a referral to a dental specialist of any kind. The following are common reasons why a young child may be referred to Alpha Orthodontics:

  • Crowding of the teeth is preventing some teeth from erupting into the mouth.
  • The teeth are biting in such a way as to cause damage to the gum tissue or damage to one or more of the adult teeth that have already erupted into the mouth.
  • One or both of the jaws is/are growing incorrectly.
  • Your primary care dentist can tell that your child will need orthodontic treatment in the future.


Your primary care dentist knows that the best orthodontic outcomes occur when treatment starts at the most optimal time. Making a referral to our office before treatment needs to start gives Dr. Leonard the opportunity to monitor growth and development, so that treatment can start at the best time. Alpha Orthodontics does not charge for the exam appointment or the appointments where we monitor growth and development.

At What Age Should Children Be Seen For An Orthodontic Examination?

If you are reading this page as a parent for your child’s treatment, you may be wondering at what age you should bring your child in for an initial examination. The general recommendation is to have an orthodontic evaluation for your child as early as age 7. While treatment may not start that early, the earlier we see your child, the more growth we have to work with and the more options we will have for treatment.

Dr. Leonard recommends that you come in anytime you or your primary care dentist have a concern regarding the eruption of the teeth, the bite or the development of the jaws regardless of your child’s age. The visit will cost you nothing. But the peace of mind is priceless. Whether your child needs immediate help or later treatment, you will have assurance that  a board certified orthodontist, with over 3 decades of experience, is monitoring the situation.

To schedule your 100% no-obligation, complimentary Alpha Orthodontics Examination for yourself or your child, just choose from one of our 3 convenient locations in Mason City, Blue Earth or Albert Lea.

My Child Is Already Nervous About Seeing An Orthodontist. What Will Happen At The Exam?

Dr. Leonard is well trained in dealing with young children. We will keep the exam as simple as needed to help your child feel comfortable in our office. We even use a mouth mirror with a built-in light so that we do not need to use a bright overhead dental light, which often bothers young children. Parents are welcome to remain with their young children throughout the appointment. They may even stand by the examination chair while Dr. Leonard does the exam. We want your child to have a great first visit in our office.

What Happens If My Child Is Not Ready For Treatment?

Dr. Leonard is kid approved, trusted by moms. He will recommend a follow-up visit at an appropriate interval to monitor growth and development.